The Cooper House


We’re always excited about a new project. This quirky bungalow was no exception. The new homeowners, Shelly and Keith* prefer a classy modern home with neutral tones, something clean looking but exuding warmth. Being students, they were tight on their finances. So they came to us seeking our expertise in creating beautiful designs on a tight budget. We  improved the curb appeal, created height by installing new, natural-finished collar ties, retrofitted their kitchen, and painted their bathroom a calm sage green plus added more storage. 

We also recommended an unused and neglected nook to be a dedicated space for Shelly and Keith to work and study. Originally, the couple intended on using the second bedroom as their home office. They were thrilled to find out that they can actually use the second bedroom as their guest room! 

The young couple was pleasantly surprised at how we were able to transform their home under such limitations. And at end of the project, Shelly and Keith walked into their new home and said with much delight in their voice, 

“Wow! We LOVE it! It’s exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much for making it possible.” There is nothing more exciting than giving our clients the home they dreamed of…

*names have been altered in this article to maintain client confidentiality

Creative Director: Victoria Chen

Lead Designer: Kristina Plumb

Assistant Designer: Liya Rochefort

Photographer: Studio Define Photography