The Concrete House 

The Concrete House is the epitome of industrial elegance. From the outside, it seems simple and humble. Going inside, you’ll be greeted with a spacious living area, calmed by the presence of natural light, and soothed by the use of sleek industrial interior pieces. Beyond aesthetics, we designed this house to be functional and timeless. The ease of flow from one space to another was highly considered and the choice of wall and floor finishes provide easy maintenance. One distinctive space is how we designed the basement to be functional and yet aesthetically pleasing, in its own way. 

Lead Designer: Victoria Chen

Assistant Designer: Michelle Shcroll

Photographer: Ruum Media, Studio Define Photography

At Studio Define, we believe your homes should rejuvenate you. Our highly personalized approach
and design style redefine what it means to have a space you can truly call your own.