The Farragut House Project 
A Modern Boho Romance

The Farragut house is a charming bungalow built in the 1920s, so it’s almost 100 years old now. Four sisters grew up in this family home and moved out one by one.  After some years, the house became abandoned. The homeowners handed the property to us to design and pull a “fixer-upper” together.  Old homes have such characters and stories from generations.  And we are very passionate about bringing the charm and memory of the house back whenever possible. Our design team proposed a light airy base tone accentuated with an eclectic mix of clean modern and boho-chic characters for that extra fun spirit of youth, color, personality, and individuality.  The goal was to bring back a modernized version of their childhood home with the same soft touches, vintage colors, and comfortable home vibe. We were excited to see the transformation brought joyful tears to the sisters
Our design team went for white base to brighten up the space but added much wood texture and unique color tones and calming pop of colors to the mix to create interesting, fun design for our client.

Lead Designer: Victoria Chen

Assistant Designer: Michelle Schroll

Photographer: Studio Define Photography

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